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Samsung to tempt iPhone owners with trial of new Galaxy smartphones

So what can Samsung do to persuade users to pick its flagship handsets over and above Apple's iPhone models? The Korean firm certainly isn't afraid to try some innovative new tactics, and has made a move to offer a month-long test drive of the new Galaxy phones to existing iPhone users.

Yes, as CNET spotted, iPhone owners will be able to get a 30 day trial of either the freshly revealed Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or the Galaxy Note 5, regardless of which network they subscribe to over in the US.

Participants will only have to stump up a single dollar for the privilege, and if they're not keen on the Galaxy handset or Android in general, they can simply return the device after 30 days.

Of course, Samsung hopes that they'll be impressed enough to order a switch with their carrier.

Indeed, if you change over to the Galaxy phone, Samsung promises that “there’s even more love in store for you”, so presumably there will be some sort of bonus for those who take the plunge and ditch their iPhone.

Note that you need to use an iPhone as your primary device with an active data account, and currently this is a promotion for US residents only. However, if it’s successful, we might see similar tempter schemes over in the UK.

Samsung certainly needs to take measures to stop the rot, with the latest Gartner report showing that the company’s global smartphone market share slumped badly in Q2 of 2015, dropping to 19.9 per cent, when it was 26.2 per cent the previous year.

Apple, meanwhile, made some tidy gains