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How to remove the desktop watermark from Windows 10 Build 10525

Since the launch of Windows 10, you might have decided to rekindle your interest in the preview builds that are made available to Windows Insiders. Just a few days ago, Microsoft released Build 10525 and many people rushed to install it to see what was new.

But what’s that? An ugly watermark in the lower right of the desktop. If you're upset by the appearance of the "Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview. Evaluation Copy. Build 10525" text that appeared after the upgrade, here's what you need to do to get rid of it.

You could jump in and start to edit the registry, but there's really no need. Just download the free Universal Watermark Disabler and you can clean up your desktop with a minimum of fuss. This is a free tool from WinAero -- download and extract the file and you are ready to go. Run the executable and click Yes at the User Account Control popup.

Getting rid of the desktop watermark takes nothing more than clicking the Install button followed by Yes. Universal Watermark Disabler has been tested with earlier builds of Windows 10 by its makers, so you will have to confirm that you are happy to use it on Build 10525 by clicking Yes -- don't worry, it works perfectly. You'll probably notice that your screen flashes as Explorer restarts, and you'll then be prompted to save any files you have open as the tool needs to log you out of your account. Make sure everything is saved and click OK.

Log back into your account and... hooray! No more watermark!

Photo credit: Anton Watman / Shutterstock