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Internet TV: What you need to know before cutting the cord

Today's technologically advanced society offers consumers a multitude of ways to view their favourite programming. The most common and traditional way of watching the news, entertainment, sporting events and many other types of programming is of course through your cable television package.

However, every day, thousands of consumers are figuratively cutting the cable cord and choosing another less expensive and more convenient option: Internet TV.

Internet TV and apps that offer live TV streaming can be less expensive than costly cable TV packages, and there are other benefits as well that make such an option attractive to those fed up with paying high monthly cable bills. If you have been thinking about cutting the cable cord, or if you would like to know more about Internet TV and why online TV streaming is getting popular, then consider these important factors, so that you can make a more informed choice.

The more programming you wish to watch, the more expensive cable can be

This is one consideration you are probably already aware of. Basic cable is offered at one monthly price, but if you wish to add additional channels, such as movie channels or sports channels, then you will have to pay additional fees each month.

On the other hand, many Internet TV streaming services let you watch live Internet TV channels for free. You will of course pay a monthly fee for other types of TV streaming, but the cost is typically a great deal less than any cable service, and sometimes you'll find that an Internet TV service offers more exclusive programming and special events than your cable TV does. It is important that you research any streaming service first, so that you can compare the costs and programming options.

Internet TV lets you watch anywhere on your mobile device, Smart TV, computer or laptop

With many live events, such as sports events, you needed to be home to watch the game. But with Internet TV, gone are the days of having to rush home to watch the game, lamenting over great plays you might have missed, or trying hard not to hear the outcome of a game until you have had time to watch what you recorded on your DVR.

With Internet TV and live TV streaming, you can be sure to be able to catch that big game at any time, so long as you have a device with you capable of streaming the video. If you are a big sports fan, you'll definitely want to look for a streaming service that offers a lot of the major sporting events and networks.

Do you have a strong Internet connection?

Before you engage in cord cutting and make switch to Internet TV, you'll want to be sure you have a strong Internet connection. Excellent, consistent bandwidth is required in order to ensure that all streaming runs smoothly, without annoying buffering interruptions or lagging video.

If you plan on streaming video that is high bandwidth you may want to upgrade your Internet connection. Additionally, you don't want an Internet package that charges you according to your data usage. Video streaming uses up a lot of data, so an unlimited data plan is definitely the best way to go.

Is one Internet TV app enough?

If you want to watch specific programming, you may need to use different streaming services. For example, if you like some of the shows exclusive to HBO, you'll of course want the HBO app, and if you like streaming movies, you want to choose Netflix.

But there are also plenty of services that offer a large combination of live TV channels, movies, and many other types of programming, which will save you an ample amount of money as well as be more convenient.

Less equipment needed

With cable, you need your TV, along with a cable box, remote, and cable cords, and possibly a DVR. With Internet TV, all you need is an app and a source for viewing the video, such as a tablet. This saves money as well as space, because most cable companies also charge a monthly fee for the use of their equipment in addition to the cable package price.

Additionally, equipment such as cable boxes are often prone to malfunction, which can be infuriating if it happens often. But with Internet TV, so long as you have a strong Internet connection, there should be no issues.

Have you already made the move to Internet TV or are you thinking about doing so in the future? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with Internet TV so that others can become more informed.