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Android Pay will launch this week over in the US

Android Pay is about to launch this week over in the US, at least according to leaks from a major fast food chain.

Android Police has reported that several McDonald's restaurants have memos for staff concerning the launch of the Apple Pay rival, stating that it is set to go live on August 26 – which is this Wednesday.

One memo the website highlighted, entitled "expanding mobile payment options for customers", stated that service procedures remain the same as for Apple Pay, but that management and crew need to be aware of the change, and given a refresher in terms of training.

This also ties in with the fact that other retailers already have Android Pay material such as placards and stickers up on their sales counters and card machines.

While the US launch may be imminent, the issue of when Android Pay will be coming to the UK is an entirely different matter, and we are likely looking at a lengthy delay, certainly if Apple Pay is any indication – Cupertino’s mobile payment system only launched in this country last month, whereas it was out in the autumn of last year for Americans.

Android Pay will work with phones running KitKat or better, and if you’re wondering exactly what it is, and what the differences are between this system and Samsung Pay (and indeed other payment services), then check out our feature here.