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Apple planning major overhaul of Workshop and Genius Bar appointments

Apple is planning another major revamp to its retail business, this time focused on the Genius Bar and Workshop appointments.

A new service called Concierge has been built to take appointments and offer help to customers. It will be integrated with the main store front, like the recent change to integrate the Apple store with the checkout.

There will also be changes to both sections, with Workshop dropping to three categories: Discover, Create, Organise.

The goal of the revamp is to have more people using the online services, instead of booking an in-store visit. Apple intends to offer text messaging, phone and video call help to customers using the Genius Bar.

Head of retail Angela Ahrendts wants most interactions to be between the customer and the online store. This will free up space in retail stores to host new events and offer customers more time, instead of having to reshuffle customers every few minutes.

Apple plans to make the Genius Bar and Workshop look slightly different depending on the device used. The iPhone, iPad and Mac will all offer a unique version of the Concierge.

The update will come alongside the removal of Smart Signs in Apple’s retail stores. The Smart Signs will be replaced with information on the product displays, along with demo apps on iPhone and iPad to show specific information.

Ahrendts was criticised for pushing customers away from Apple retail stores when the Apple Watch launched. These new changes integrate the online store and make it the best way to shop, but there is a worry the thousands of stores will lose a lot of customers if Apple continues to push customers online.