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Swatch CEO gives details about upcoming smartwatch range

Swatch is preparing to launch not one, but a range of smartwatches, and in a recent interview for a Swiss paper, the company's CEO took the opportunity to give more details.

The devices, which are not traditional smartwatches at all, will launch forthe Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016.

The first watch to be released is called Swatch Zero Touch Two, according to Wareable.

"Our product is called Touch Zero One and that gives enough room for Zero Five, Zero Nine," Hayek told Switzerland's Tages-Anzeiger newspaper. "The Touch Zero One is not the end of the progression."

"The clock, as we know it today will continue to exist, and we are able to win additional customers interested in technological watches," and stated, "The Apple Watch is an interesting toy, but not a revolution."

Earlier this year, the company CEO said they're looking to make devices with capabilities you can't find on a smartwatch.

"We are not going to transform and put the mobile phone on the wrist," he said in a press conference. "Let the others do it. Samsung did it, Sony did it. Everybody does it."

The smartwatches will purportedly work with Android and Windows smartphones, handle mobile payments via China UnionPay and Visa, according to Reuters, and "won't need to be charged". Hayek also told Bloomberg that Swatch had been working on innovation in battery tech.

The Zero Touch One, revealed in February, is a volleyball-based fitness tracker that counts steps, distance and calories during beach matches as well as tracking "power hits" and "power claps".