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A frightening amount of UK workers still don't have a clue what the cloud is

A pretty staggering amount of folks in the UK still don't have a clue what some basic technology terms mean, such as the cloud, according to a new survey.

This research comes from telecoms outfit Daisy Group, which questioned British employees to find out how clued up they were on the subject of connectivity, and also subsequently surveyed some 1100 SME owners and managers in the UK.

When it came to the workers, 43 per cent of respondents said they had no idea what the cloud was, and a tad more than that, 44 per cent, also didn't know what fibre broadband meant.

And as for Wi-Fi, 20 per cent of those surveyed didn't know what that was, and three quarters had no clue as to what VoIP was.

The latter group of SME owners and managers fared better, as you would hope, but even so 29 per cent weren’t confident they could explain what fibre broadband meant, and 26 per cent were similarly ignorant on the subject of the cloud.

Kate O’Brien, Marketing Director at Daisy Group, commented: “Our research highlighted that there is a gap in understanding the technologies that have been designed for business. In particular, we were shocked to find that 75 per cent of people didn’t know what VoIP is, especially considering it is a billion pound industry which has been rocketing in popularity over the last five years, due to its ability to dramatically cut businesses’ phone bills.

“Those working in the fast-paced arena of IT and digital have a duty to cut through the jargon and educate UK businesses on what technology can mean for them. Otherwise businesses will continue to waste money and miss out on growth opportunities simply through ignorance about what is available.”

For those who need educating on the cloud or other tech topics, you might want to pass on this link to Daisy Group’s series of jargon-free explainer videos.

Darren Allan

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