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Government seeking help for open standards rollout

The Government Digital Service (GDS (opens in new tab)) has launched a consultation in a bid to better help Departments and teams to join up systems or to share information.

“Open standards help us to adapt to changing needs and technologies, making the cost of government’s digital services more sustainable,” GDS claimed (opens in new tab).

“With your help we select open standards that will deliver better, more efficient services. The Standards Hub is where we ask you to get involved,” it added.

There are four stages in which people can interact with GDS via the Standards Hub: suggest a challenge for the organisation to look into, tell it which open standards to consider, give opinions on current proposals and tell GDS if something isn’t right.

When the comment period closes on 14 September, proposals will be assessed by a panel consisting of people from inside government and industry specialists and they will decide whether they should go forward for considering by the Open Standards Board.

The first proposal is exchange of location point information: an open standard for the exchange of location information allowing co-ordinates to be translated between systems.

Another is the exchange of property/place address information, a proposed standard to define and exchange information between government departments which could change the way government records information about someone’s location.

The final proposal is publishing vacancies online, a standard which aims to help citizens searching government jobs and apprenticeships.

Open standards were a key part of plans (opens in new tab)announced by former Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude.