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Nest Labs preparing to launch second generation smart thermostat

Nest Labs, one of the many parts of the Alphabet conglomerate, is planning to launch a second generation smart thermostat. Hinted at in a Federal Communications Commission filing, the new thermostat will be the first update since 2012.

Even though minimal details were released in the filing, it was enough to make us think a new thermostat is on the day. The image, which was only released in 2D dimensions, pointed a a round hardware gadget.

Arguments could be made for a new device, but Nest has been quickly approaching a second version of its smart thermostat. The company’s premiere product in many circles, it has won countless awards for its intelligent design and software tuning system.

Nest will enhance the wireless capabilities of the second smart thermostat, alongside updating the service to offer more potential savings. The design should stay around the same as it is now, no need to change what isn’t broken.

There have been rumours of an audio product and Google Glass in the pipeline. We do not think either of these products will be coming this year. Instead, Nest is focused on updating its product line to make everything fresh.

Like a few other divisions inside Google, Nest Labs was allowed its own sector in Alphabet. Tony Fadell, Nest CEO and iPod co-creator, will run the division. He is in charge of most of the smart home tech that is being built at Mountain View.