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iPhone 6C won't win over Android customers

Apple might be planning to bring back the iPhone C this year, launching alongside the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Even though the iPhone 5C managed to break ground in countries where Apple had been too expensive, analyst firm IDC does not see that same surge in Android-dominated countries happening in 2015.

IDC claims that even with Apple’s mass appeal, it will not be able to snatch market share from countries where popular Android phones costing less than £150 are popular. In places like India, Chinese inner-cities and Indonesia, customers will still be unable or unwilling to pay +£500 for the iPhone 6C.

"Even if Apple were to introduce another low-cost iPhone (e.g. 'C' version), IDC believes the price will struggle to compete with Android OEMs that are focused on portfolios aimed at price points of $200 and less," IDC said.

Android already controls over 80 per cent of the smartphone market, and that figure continues to grow. Apple holds 15 per cent, and that has also been growing, but mostly because of the increase in disposable income from China and Europe.

Apple might not want to grow in those regions however, with a focus on Europe, China and North America in 2013 when it launched the iPhone 5C. The goal was to win over younger customers, or people that didn’t want to fork out an additional £200 on a two-year contract.

This year, we might see more of a focus on countries like India, where the middle-class is showing massive amounts of growth. We still don’t think poorer countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines will receive that much attention from Cupertino.

Apple plans to launch all three devices on the second week of September.