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Sony demonstrates Aerosense drone with a test flight [video]

Sony has been showing off a prototype version of its recently announced Aerosense drone, and a video has been posted to illustrate what the craft – which looks pretty much like a miniature airplane – is capable of.

Check out the footage above – it shows the drone executing a vertical take-off, flying around with a fair bit of range, and coming back in with a vertical landing.

Looks pretty nippy, doesn’t it? In fact the drone can crest just over the 100 mph mark, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. It’s also capable of flying for two hours at that speed, and it can carry cargo weighing up to 10kg (though presumably a heavy load will reduce that speed and range considerably).

Sony first announced the drone last month, with the Aerosense company that makes the device being founded jointly by Sony Mobile and ZMP. At the time, Sony said it would be using its camera and sensing tech, plus telecoms network and robotics expertise, in conjunction with ZMP's automated driving and robotics tech, and nous in terms of deployment to industry.

The idea is the automatically piloted drones will be used for surveying, inspection (of difficult to reach locations and/or remote areas), measuring, and these services will be available to enterprises at the start of next year. Note that the idea is that Sony is selling the service rather than the craft itself.

Because the craft is programmed and autopilot controlled, Sony also asserts that this will cut down on any potential accidents which could be caused by a human operator.

Last month, Sony said in a press statement: “Sony Mobile is proactively engaging in new business creation initiatives, with a particular focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) sector. This joint venture represents a part of this push into IoT, as Sony strives to provide its customers with additional value by developing and managing total package cloud solutions.”