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Uber faces Rio ban and fines for drivers

In the latest among the numerous attacks against Uber, Rio de Janeiro's city council has voted to ban unregulated ride-sharing services such as the San Francisco-based company.

The council's 42-1 vote, with five abstentions, pushes to stop Uber's unregulated operations in the city, only allowing cars with city permits to drive around the city and pick up passengers

Following the council's decision, Rio de Janiero's Mayor Eduardo Paes is expected to approve and sign the bill within the next 15 days to become law.

Once passed, Uber drivers, together with other unregulated car drivers, could be fined 2,000 reais (about $550).

Uber said in a statement that it had not been included in discussions about the bill, which is moving against technology and the right of citizens to choose how they get around.

The company also said it would continue to operate normally in the city. In Brazil, Sao Paulo, and its capital, Brasilia, had previously made a move to ban Uber.

Taxi drivers have complained that Uber has lower overhead costs and has given them an unfair advantage.