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Another teaser image of Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch is published online

Samsung, or rather one of the company’s executives, has released another teaser image of the upcoming Gear S2 smartwatch.

The exec in question was Dennis Miloseski, chief of Samsung Design America, who posted an image of the Gear S2 on his wrist via his Instagram account (as the Telegraph spotted).

Once again, as with the pic released at Samsung's Unpacked event where the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5 were unveiled, the watch looks very classy, and definitely more aspirational than geek/techie.

Which is the way all smartwatches are going in a bid for mainstream acceptance, looking more like normal (and round-faced) timepieces.

Miloseski also linked across to a picture of a model wearing the S2 and holding a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, with the caption “next is now”, referring to the fact that this smartwatch is supposedly taking things to the next level (#nextlevel, as the executive noted).

Reaction to the picture was pretty positive, with the device being called “beautiful” and “amazing” by two posters, although one Instagram detractor commented on the fact that Samsung’s new watch won’t run Android Wear, but rather the company’s own homemade OS, Tizen.

Fit4coffee said: “Tizen and Samsung only. I'll pass and tell everyone else to pass as well. This will barely sell anyways.”

Samsung is certainly hoping that won’t be the case, and that this will be the smartwatch to really push its Gear range forward, and indeed the firm delayed the launch of this device to ensure enough distance was put between it and the launch of the Apple Watch back in the spring.

In a similar vein, the company launched its Galaxy Note 5 earlier than normal this year, again to put more distance between the device and Apple’s new phablet which will be launched next month. Samsung certainly seems to be getting more reactive to Cupertino’s release schedule.

Image Credit: Dennis Miloseski