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Bosch acquires battery startup to target electric car market

Bosch looks to have its sights set on the electric automobile market, after acquiring Silicon Valley battery manufacturer Seeo.

Seeo was only founded eight years ago but has already garnered a reputation for developing innovative battery technology, in particular its rechargeable lithium-ion battery which uses a nano-structured polymer electrolyte.

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Its DryLyte range of batteries uses solid state technology which comes with a number of advantages. Safety is improved as the batteries are non-flammable and they also boast higher usable energy levels and industry leading lifetime.

Bosch already supplies a number of products to the automobile industry and the Seeo acquisition will enable it to target the battery market specifically. Battery life is one of the key issues for many consumers when it comes to electric vehicles and many cars can travel less than one hundred miles on a full charge.

In addition to the electric car market, Bosch is also taking a keen interest in autonomous vehicles. The German firm recently announced that it is collaborating with a number of other suppliers to create a “cooperative highly automated driving” (Ko-HAF) research initiative. Bosch will be tasked with creating a backend solution for collecting and making available information about a vehicle's surroundings.

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In both the electric car and autonomous vehicle market, Bosch is likely to face stiff competition. Seeo is competing with a number of other battery startups including QuantumScape and Solid Energy Systems, while the self-driving car field is dominated by the likes of Google and Audi.