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Could this be the Ashley Madison hacker?

Whoever is behind the Ashley Madison attack has done a great job at staying under the radar, as his (or hers, or their) identity remains unknown.

However, there are people out there looking for the culprit(s), and there are certain “hints” pointing at a certain direction, according to Brian Krebs, the security researcher who first uncovered last week's release of gigabytes of sensitive data and news of the hack last month.

Krebs lays the blame on a twitter account named @deuszu, AKA Thadeus Zu, and the arguments behind such reasoning are the fact that this account was the first to leak certain information about the Ashley Madison hack.

“I was getting ready to turn in for the evening when I spotted a re-tweet from a Twitter user named Thadeus Zu (@deuszu) who’d just posted a link to the same cache of data that had been confidentially shared with me by the Impact Team via the contact form on my site just hours earlier: It was a link to the proprietary source code for Ashley Madison’s service,” he says.

Another “evidence” Krebs points to is, and you’re not going to believe this, AC/DC.

When Avid Life Media (Ashley Madison owner) employees came to work the day the hack happened, they found a threatening message from the Impact Team accompanied by the anthem “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC.

Then he found out that Thadeus Zu often defaces people’s websites and adds Thunderstruck to the hack.

The Toronto Police was notified of Krebs’ research and has acknowledged it.