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Google files patent for new pothole-detecting system

Tech giant Google wants to make an interesting piece of technology its own as it has filed a patent for "systems and methods for monitoring and reporting road quality".

Aiming to automate the process of reporting potholes, the system the company has filed for will utilise vehicles' GPS in conjunction with a device with a vertical bump sensor.

This means that, if Google's patent gets developed and becomes available in the market, the reporting and fixing process of potholes would not need to go through the manual process of filing forms. Instead, the data could be directly sent to the cloud with its associated GPS coordinates.

In theory, such a system would provide a heat map of potholed roads that need attention, given that there are enough drivers using the system. The system could also be for diverting drivers from those most potholed roads. Drivers may also take that route and provide suggestion to fix the potholes.

But while the idea could become a beneficial tool for drivers and for automating the reporting system, not all patents end up in the actual development of products.

However, given that Google has plans for self-driving cars, it is expected that this pothole technology will be used and can become a great addition for the company and its soon-to-be users.

Image source: Shutterstock/Bernd Leitner Fotodesign