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There will be three billion wearable sensors by 2025

According to new research, more than three billion sensors will be strapped to our bodies by 2025.

No, not all three billion will be on you, but on all people.

The research was done by IDTechEX Research, and it details the 15 most popular sensor types used in wearables today. Those include movement sensors like the accelerometer and gyroscope, optical sensors like the optical heart rate monitor and cameras, wearable electrodes, chemical sensors, flexible stretch, pressure and impact sensors, temperature sensors, microphones, and more.

The report also says new sensors will appear in that timeframe – 30 per cent new sensor types, to be exact. According to Wareable, one example is Google's Project Soli, which is a gesture-based system that uses radar technology to track the slightest hand movement.

Speaking of wearable technology, it is said that the smartwatch market will grow by 54 per cent in the next five years. At the same time, the global market will rise by 53.6 per cent, and another report by Transparency Market Research says Android Wear will grow by 57.9 per cent in the same period.

"The launch of Android Wear OS by Google Inc. transformed the wearable devices and smartwatches market in 2014 with high number of applications and constant upgrades," the report claims.

"The growing presence of health-conscious and tech-savvy users in the region is one of the primary reasons for the growth of the smartwatches market in North America," the report notes.

"In addition, rapid adoption of high-end smartwatches, surging smartphone penetration, and rising fitness and health activities have contributed toward the growth of this regional market."