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New research reveals the most feared government when it comes to online surveillance

Which government is the most feared across the world when you're talking about online surveillance?

You might think the answer is perhaps China or Russia, but in actual fact, the US regime is the government people are most afraid of, at least according to new research from datacentre provider Artmotion.

The company undertook a survey of 1000 citizens from Europe, the US, Australia and Russia, and when asked which government's surveillance program they most feared, the US was top of the tree being highlighted by 38 per cent of respondents.

Russia was in second place, mind you, followed by China and then North Korea.

Australian respondents were the most fearful of the US regime, with two thirds of them putting America as public enemy number one in terms of spying online.

When it came to the US citizens questioned, they were less fearful of their own government, and most worried about Chinese and Russian surveillance. Only 16 per cent said they were afraid of NSA and other US surveillance – although that was still more than the amount of folks who were concerned about being spied upon by Iran, North Korea or Pakistan.

Russian respondents, on the other hand, feared their own regime the most, with 23 per cent saying they were more afraid of internal surveillance than external.

As for the UK? Only 5 per cent of those surveyed said it was the country they most feared.

Mateo Meier, CEO of Artmotion, commented: “As this research shows, the recent NSA scandals have done significant damage to the United States’ reputation around the world. As a result, both businesses and privacy-conscious individuals are choosing to avoid the use of online services that host their data within the United States.”