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PIQ - a new platform to improve your tennis

PIQ and Babolat have announced a range of products and software and hardware platform for tennis. The product allows players to access to their performance, analysing their game, revealing their stroke speed in real time on wristband display, highlighting their favourite moments with the ability to challenge their friends.

Besides integrating various sensor technology such as NFC and BLE, it also incorporates 13 axis to measure performance metrics such as velocity, height, air time, G force, amplitude, trajectory, etc.

PIQ is a small, ultra-lightweight, waterproof and flexible multi-sport motion sensor connected to your smart device via BLE, according to the press release.

The device is said to capture data instantly, meaning players can get their stroke speed and other data on their wristband in real time. That way, the smartphone is not needed.

In addition to the real time on wristband display, players compare their performances with others and even professional players. The analysis gives the opportunity for players to quantify their game and skills, ensuring that they can take the relevant and necessary steps to improve on their strokes and technique for the coming games.

PIQ allows players to track every detail of their game and tell them what their best performances in each session are: best PIQ Score, best serve and best rally.

The app also allows players to challenge other people. “A range of challenge scenarios with different levels, including a custom mode, will be proposed and the best gesture with the PIQ score will be then displayed on the App, available to be shared. The PIQ measuring unit will allow a real challenging world with the community”, it says in the release.

PIQ multisports sensor and Babolat tennis accessory can be pre-ordered on for $179 (£116).