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The Netflix effect: Are our TV habits changing forever?

The media landscape has been changing at an increasing rate. It's not something that cable and satellite providers wish to face, because it pushes out the most lucrative part of the business in favour of making them an ISP.

As it is, Netflix has had to pay off Comcast, something John Oliver likened to a mob shakedown.

So how much is a service like Netflix changing TV habits? Obviously there's a variety of on-demand entertainment available from it. There's also an increasing amount of original content, some of which has been nominated for, and actually won, awards.

The number of Netflix subscribers is growing steadily each year, with 2015 being the largest so far. So too is the amount of original content, causing Frame Your TV to ask "is this the death of the network?"

The most popular device to watch Netflix on seems to be PlayStation 3, followed by Xbox 360 and then a PC. That's a bit surprising given the success of Roku 3, Fire TV and Chromecast. Surprising, but not a total shock.

Binge watching, likewise, brings in viewers. You can watch an entire season of a show in a day or two - providing you have the time, of course.

You can check out all the stats from Frame Your TV in infographic form below.