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Apple TV to feature motion sensors

I know most of you are looking at the Apple September event waiting for the new iPhones, but there's another product that deserves as much attention as any – Apple TV.

There are reports saying that Apple's TV service will be more expensive, but also have new features and services to make up for the price increase.

Apple TV might cost up to from $149 (£96) all the way to $200 (£130). That is a significant jump from the $69 (£44) price of the original device.

However, it does bring a couple of cool new features to the mix. As TechCrunch reported, Apple TV might come with an improved remote, offering motion sensors support. Similar to the Nintendo Wii nunchuk controller, this one might feature a touchpad, a couple of buttons and a microphone.

The inclusion of a touchpad sensor in the new remote is in line with several previous reports.

Motion sensors could help you switch channels by swiping your hand through the air, but it also creates a whole new opportunity for the American company – gaming.

“If introduced, the media streaming box would allow users to enjoy the rich collection of titles available on iOS,” NDTV writes in a report.

“This could allow Apple to get into gaming console business as well, and the relatively lower price of Apple TV (compared to Xbox One and PlayStation 4) could attract a huge number of customers as well.”

Apple TV will most likely come with Apple's A8 processor, which it has previously used in iPhone 6. We can also expect the inclusion of Siri, Apple’s digital assistant.