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Google helps developers bypass iOS 9 encryption

Google and Apple are about to open a new front to battle on. The Ads vs Privacy front sees Apple trying to make sure third parties can’t read or track what users are doing on their phones.

However, that might also mean certain ads from Google’s AdMob advertising service might stop showing on iOS 9 which, as you might imagine, doesn’t sit well with Google.

Apple's new App Transport Security (ATS) feature, set to be introduced alongside iOS 9 in September, will require all content that arrives on an iPhone to use the HTTPS encryption standard. Google, even though it supports the HTTPS protocol, doesn’t like this.

That’s why the company wrote a blog post providing developers that use its AdMob advertisement service with a way to bypass Apple's encryption so that they continue to service ads.

"While Google remains committed to industry-wide adoption of HTTPS, there isn’t always full compliance on third party ad networks and custom creative code served via our systems," said Tristan Emrich, of Google's Mobile Ads Developer Relations team.

"To ensure ads continue to serve on iOS9 devices for developers transitioning to HTTPS, the recommended short term fix is to add an exception that allows HTTP requests to succeed and non-secure content to load successfully."

Google has received some negative feedback because of the post, forcing it to issue an update:

"We wrote this because developers asked us about resources available to them for the upcoming iOS 9 release, and we wanted to outline some options. To be clear, developers should only consider disabling ATS if other approaches to comply with ATS standards are unsuccessful."