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Kaspersky Lab improves Apple Mac endpoint security for businesses

Macs have around six per cent of the business endpoint market and Mac specific malware is on the increase. In the rapidly evolving world of malware and security, Mac users can no longer afford to be complacent when it comes to protecting their systems.

To tackle these threats Kaspersky Lab is updating its Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business suite with Endpoint Security 10 for Mac. This offers a combination of deep protection, efficiency and manageability, designed to serve the needs of protecting diverse IT environments.

It delivers a broad array of tools and technologies which are easy to deploy and use, offering Mac owners a host of new security benefits. Features include integration with the Kaspersky Security Network which allows businesses to take advantage of cloud-enabled security intelligence for the quick identification of malware and other suspicious activity.

A Network Attack Blocker monitors suspicious activity on company networks and lets IT specialists pre-define how their systems will respond if any suspicious behavior is detected. This component can block network attacks including port scanning, denial-of-service attacks, buffer-overrun attacks and other remote malicious actions taken against programs and services working on the network.

To combat web threats it offers web protection and anti-phishing technology. This scans all incoming and outgoing traffic, blocks harmful scripts without impacting system resources and helps ensure users don't fall prey to phishing sites.

"At Kaspersky Lab we believe that every business, regardless of its size and market, has unique and complex infrastructure, which requires deep multi-layered cybersecurity protection," says Konstantin Voronkov, Head of Endpoint Product Management at Kaspersky Lab. "We believe that each component of corporate infrastructure should be protected because cybercriminals will use every chance they can to infiltrate a corporate network. Enhancing our Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business line - providing flexible multi-layered protection for different infrastructures and platforms against modern cyberthreats - will make it easy for businesses to protect themselves, including those businesses using Mac platforms.

"We believe that this approach allows our partners to concentrate on business development without having to worry about cybersecurity".

You can find more about Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac on the company's website.

Image Credit: Kotka fotoaloja / Shutterstock