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Microsoft wins eight years old patent lawsuit

Microsoft was cleared out of a patent lawsuit filed eight years ago by InterDigital. The United States International Trade Commission said Nokia, now owned by Microsoft, did not violate patents regarding 3G cellular technology. Patents owned by the InterDigital company are considered essential to how today’s smartphones work and communicate with one another.

According to a report by Tech Times, Microsoft avoided a potentially huge setback, as InterDigital’s request was to block U.S. imports of the Nokia-branded phones.

"Today's decision is disappointing but is expected to have a limited impact on our going-forward business, given the decline of the Nokia mobile device business under Microsoft's control and its limited market position," said William J. Merritt, CEO of InterDigital, in a statement. "InterDigital will continue to seek compensation for past infringement and the further unlicensed use of our contributions to wireless mobile communication standards."

Microsoft, on the other hand, suggests that InterDigital is abusing its patents to try and get unreasonable profit from those them. Because of this, it filed an antitrust lawsuit on August 20.

The company has called InterDigital’s stance “abusive licensing practices and unlawful monopolization.”

“We’re grateful the Commission stopped InterDigital from trying to block our products,” David Cuddy, a Microsoft spokesman, said in a statement to Bloomberg. “We’ll continue to pursue our separate suit addressing InterDigital’s unlawful conduct and abusive patent licensing scheme.”

InterDigital’s stock went down three per cent, following the ruling. The company says it will continue to seek compensation for past infringements. The case itself was first filed in 2007.