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The new iPhone might arrive in the colour pink

Apple's next smartphone might be controversial for all the wrong reasons. According to a report by 9To5Mac, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus, the two devices that should see the light of day sometime next week, will come in (among others) pink colour, and people are already stressing about it.

The proof of this can be found in an advert by Spigen, the iPhone accessory maker. The company is preparing to make a phone case in the same ‘Rose Gold’ colour the iPhone is expected to be.

Pink is usually associated with femininity, which is why supporters of the feminist movement often argue it’s sexist.

However, this is not the only new thing we will see on the new iPhone. 9To5Mac’s Mark Gurman tweeted a photo of the new iPhone, saying it features a larger front FaceTime camera, as well as the Force Touch parts.

So it seems the device will have a larger camera for better selfie taking, as well as a front-facing flash for all the selfie goodness you crave.

It will also feature Force Touch, a new technology already seen in the Apple Watch and the latest MacBook. Force Touch is a feature developed by Apple that senses the level of force exerted on a touchpad or similar display surface, and responds accordingly.

The technology uses tiny electrodes around the display to distinguish between taps and harder presses, and then provides a specific action or contextually specific controls based on the force of the input.