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IFA 2015: Acer unveils Revo Build modular PC

Acer is not only making computers small, but also turning them into easy-to-upgrade hardware, as it has launched a new modular computer that lets its users to simply stack the elements they need.

The Acer Revo Build M1-601, or simply the Revo Build, has two primary components: the main unit and the graphics. Other modules can be introduced by simply stacking them on top of the main unit through magnetic pinned connections, which also enables the modules to communicate with each other.

It is packaged in a 1-liter chasis, with a size similar to an Intel NUC, at a 125 x 125 mm base and is powered by either a Pentium or a Celeron, presumably the new Skylake models.

The computer maker said that the Build will be sold in Europe for €199 beginning in October, and 1,999 Yuan in China. Acer also plans to launch the same product in the U.S.

Acer said that the blocks will include a 500GB/1TB hot-swappable hard drive that will be available at launch, while a "wireless power bank" for charging and an "audio block" with integrated speakers and a mic would be rolled out at a later time. Prices of these blocks have, however, not yet been disclosed.