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Will the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have smaller batteries?

The latest piece of speculation to come spinning out of the ever churning Apple rumour mill regarding the upcoming iPhone concerns the battery, and the fact that it will be smaller this time around.

The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are due to be launched a week today, and Forbes reports that apparently the former will carry a 1715mAh battery, and the latter a 2750mAh power pack.

That compares to the 1810mAh battery found in the iPhone 6, and the 2910mAh engine which powered last year’s phablet. In other words, both batteries have shrunk by around 5 per cent – no, it’s not a huge amount, but every little bit helps (or hinders in this case) when it comes to battery longevity.

Hopefully, the promised efficiency tweaks made in iOS 9 will ensure that Apple’s new smartphones don’t have a problem in terms of their lastability – though of course the iPhone 6 models will also benefit from the new software, too.

Battery life is always cited as a very important element in surveys of smartphone owners, so Apple can’t really afford to be seen to be taking any sort of meaningful step backwards in this arena.

The smaller batteries may well have been employed in an effort to keep the handsets as thin as possible, particularly given the fact, as Forbes points out, that the inclusion of Force Touch tech (which allows the user to register different strength presses of the screen) has made the front panel thicker than last year’s iPhones.

Still, those concerned about the potential impact on battery life can at least look to a future where the iPhone could last for an entire week – courtesy of UK-based Intelligent Energy’s integrated hydrogen fuel cell system. We could, theoretically, see this cartridge-based system arrive for the iPhone 7S.

Other recent iPhone rumours point to the existence of a pink coloured model, and a larger front camera for better selfies. All will be revealed next week…