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Windows 10 off to a roaring start, easily beating out Windows 7's first month

Windows 10 is off to a very good start indeed, with brisk adoption that easily surpasses what Windows 8 achieved in its first month – and in fact Microsoft's latest OS has outdone the much lauded Windows 7 by some margin as well.

This is according to the latest figures from StatCounter, which measure the internet usage share of operating systems in the first month since the release of Windows 10.

In terms of global usage, Windows 10 already stands at 4.88 per cent after one month, compared to the 4.05 per cent that Windows 7 achieved. As for Windows 8, that OS only managed a pitiful 1 per cent after a month on sale.

If you look at the UK on its own, Windows 10 is doing even better with an 8.45 per cent market share compared to Windows 7 which managed 4.34 per cent (and Windows 8 hit 1.17 per cent).

In the US, Windows 10 has a bigger lead than worldwide, but it's not as pronounced as the UK with a 5.64 per cent market share compared to 4.3 per cent which Windows 7 managed (and 1.16 per cent for Windows 8).

As for the overall total worldwide internet usage share right now, Windows 7 of course remains in the lead with 48.1 per cent, still far more than the aforementioned 4.88 per cent that Windows 10 now holds. Windows 8.1 currently has a 13 per cent share, so doubtless it won’t be too long before Windows 10 overtakes it.

StatCounter also looked at the usage share of Microsoft's new Edge browser which comes with Windows 10, and found that usage of the browser peaked at 20.1 per cent on July 30. However, that had fallen to 14.1 per cent on the last day of August.

That's not surprising, as there were bound to be a lot of people just trying out Edge when they first got hold of Windows 10. There are still quite a number of features missing from Redmond's browser, and that's another reason some folks will only be dipping into it for the time being, until the promised autumn update fully rounds out its feature list.