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Apple increases display orders ahead of iPhone 6s launch

It looks like the hype surrounding the next iPhone is heating up after Japan Display suggested the launch would be bigger than previously expected.

The screen maker claimed that its “biggest client,” believed to be Apple, is increasing its display orders.

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"They're coming to us with more orders, saying 'give us more, give us more'. They keep increasing," Mitsuru Homma, chief executive of Japan Display, told Reuters.

The iPhone has enhanced its popularity significantly in Asian markets, particularly in China, but that may not be the reason for the increased orders. Neither Apple nor Japan Display reveal the complete details of its shipments, so it could simply be that the iPhone maker is requesting a larger proportion of its orders from the Japanese firm as opposed to increasing its total amount.

Japan Display has also hit the headlines recently for other reasons, as speculation mounts that it could be about to merge with Sharp’s display business. Both firms target the high-end smartphone market, but while Japan Display has benefitted from Apple orders, Sharp has struggled and needed a $1.9 billion bailout in May.

Mr Homma explained that although a merger with Sharp is not on the agenda, it could occur in the future.

"We're currently in the midst of various restructuring measures. We don't have the capacity to consider such a move, and we haven't been asked to do so by our major shareholder either," he added. "I think there might be reasons such discussions haven't come my way. But when such talks come, it will probably come suddenly."

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The good news for Apple and Japan Display is that the orders of the next iPhone, expected to be released later this month, do not appear to have been adversely effected by China’s recent economic difficulties.