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Manchester United and HCL Technologies announce global partnership

Manchester United Football Club has signed a deal with a world-class IT company. Now it only needs to sign a deal with a world-class striker, and the club is set for another title.

MUFC has announced what it calls a “ground-breaking global partnership” with HCL Technologies. The two will work together to “explore and unveil a number of digital initiatives to transform the experience of the Club’s 659 million global followers”.

The first thing HCL will do is create the United Xperience Lab within Old Trafford. There, the two will “explore revolutionary ways in which the club uses technology to create a unified fan experience for supporters; and in the process set a new engagement benchmark in the world of sport.”

I’d just like to see them explore how Anthony Martial can create a unified title-winning experience for the team.

Manchester United’s Group Managing Director, Richard Arnold comments:

“Our partnership with HCL is a first for Manchester United. With the introduction of the United Xperience lab at Old Trafford, we hope to demonstrate best practices within the industry to generate new ideas that leverage the latest technology available in the evolving digital landscape.

“It is a very exciting prospect and the possibilities of what we can achieve are endless. Through digital transformation we hope to change the way in which our fans experience and interact with Manchester United.

“Together with HCL we aim to develop innovative ways to connect with our fans around the world, providing a blueprint for other global organisations.”

“This partnership is unique and creates value not just for Manchester United and its fans, but also for all forward-looking organizations across the world,” said Anant Gupta, President & CEO, HCL Technologies.

“With enterprises facing an explosion of digital content and experience interfaces there is a growing need for a partner who can orchestrate these value chains and harness them for business benefits. Our partnership will enable HCL to create and manage these digital assets at a scale which will make it a prototype for successful digital co-innovation in any industry/organization in the world. We are very excited to be part of this partnership that aims to pioneer the 21st century enterprise experience,” he added.