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Samsung launches new Internet of Things Hub

Samsung has launched the Hub – a device which will securely unite all internet of things sensors and accessories.The hub will use the SmartThings open system, which Samsung bought from the company with the same name, back in April 2014.

The device and service will be available from 10 September, according to a report by The Guardian.

Samsung’s president of UK and Ireland Andy Griffiths said: “We believe a connected home will provide users [with] more information, more piece of mind and more control in their lives – but privacy is fundamental.

“The whole thing is encrypted end-to-end – think bank-level security – while we have continuous security checks and third-party auditing. Only you will have access to any data stored in the cloud.”

The starting pack will cost £199 and will include the Hub, a door closer sensor, a motion sensor, a presence sensor and a power outlet switch for turning something else on and off. A range of other SmartThings devices including a moisture sensor, a camera and a sleep monitor will also be available for around £30 each, with more coming next year..

The Hub will also be capable of talking to other devices from other manufacturers, and Samsung has said it will encourage developers to create new apps and new integrations.

“We have a different philosophy for our IoT vision, not hidden behind a walled garden, but open and interoperable with many devices,” said Griffiths.

The whole system will be controlled by a SmartThings app, which will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, making it one of the systems with the most cross-platform support.