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Businesses waste massive amounts of cash maintaining unnecessary apps

It's a fact of life that big companies waste money, and software is certainly one area in which business cash disappears rapidly down the plug hole.

New research from Camwood (an application migration outfit), which covered the top 7000 businesses in the UK, found that said organisations spend £2.57 billion every year on supporting unnecessary apps. That figure is, of course, an estimate, but it's an eye watering one nonetheless.

Camwood further notes that in previous research, it found that a quarter of these unnecessary apps hadn't actually ever been used at all (let alone infrequently).

It further reckons that the average enterprise application estate could be cut by between 60 per cent and 80 per cent, saving a hell of a lot of money in licensing costs (from around £250,000 to £360,000).

Adrian Foxall, CEO of Camwood, commented: “More than ever before, IT departments are working closely with CFOs and finance directors to ensure that IT infrastructures don’t break the bank. Application management appears to be an area that is being overlooked, but more often than not this is simply down to a lack of awareness.

“There are clear ways that IT departments can recognise and address this problem. Now that they have the big data necessary to undertake a full application audit, organisations are increasingly able to identify and rationalise those apps that never get used.

“At the same time, they are also able to make more strategic use of their app virtualisation platforms, moving their apps from machine to machine without having to pay for multiple licences. This can be an extremely effective money-saver for those looking to cut back on costs.”