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Firefox web browser soon to arrive on iPhones

Mozilla Firefox will be landing on users’ iPhone and iPad soon, a sign brought about the company’s on-going testing on the iOS operating system.

The upcoming Mozilla Firefox app is now available in preview in New Zealand as the company is looking out for any bugs and get feedback from the app in one country before it gets to the worldwide release.

The company targets the public release during the latter part of 2015.

The Kiwi-exclusive preview build reportedly includes a number of the features of its desktop counterpart, including Intelligent Search, a suggested search feature tailored for the mobile, and Firefox Accounts, which will sync browsers across mobile and desktop platforms.

The preview also includes the Visual Tabs feature, which the company claims as “an intuitive way to keep track of your open tabs.”

Mozilla is inviting people awaiting for the iOS to sign up for updates about the release of the iOS version.