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IFA 2015: ASUS launches VivoStick, the pocket-sized Windows 10 PC

ASUS is following in Intel's footsteps by unveiling a miniature Windows 10 PC, that is not much larger than a USB flash drive. Unveiled at IFA 2015, VivoStick is designed to be connected to an HDMI-enabled monitor, quickly turning it into a fully-fledged PC.

VivoStick is not all that different to Compute Stick in this regard, but the former is a better option in terms of hardware specifications and price, being advertised to cost just $129 when it goes on sale

Since the size is the most-interesting aspect about VivoStick, let's kick off with the dimensions. It measures 137.9 x 34.0 x 14.9 mm, which makes it easily pocketable. The weight is just 68 grams, which, to put things into perspective, is half of that of a typical smartphone.

Inside, ASUS has fitted an Intel Cherry Trail-generation Atom processor, coupled with 2 GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics. It features 32 GB of internal storage, which is more than enough for Windows 10 and a couple of multimedia programs and apps.

VivoStick supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0, and has two USB ports and an audio jack. It is powered through a microUSB port. It shouldn't maintain a relatively low profile once connected to a compatible monitor.

There is no word on availability, but you can expect ASUS to ship it later this year.