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iPhone 6S rumour roundup

At the end of last month Apple confirmed that a invite-only press event would be taking place on 9 September in San Francisco, which will see the launch of the new iPhones and probably some other goodies.

As usual, there has been an abundance of rumours surrounding the new iPhones, so here is a roundup of everything we've heard so far ahead of next week's event.

In terms of design, the 6S is expected to look pretty similar to the 6, if the various photos that have been leaked in recent weeks are anything to go by. As the video below shows, there may be some fancier stuff going on inside, but in terms of the exterior, don't expect any serious changes.

For all you fashion-conscious iPhone owners, reports have also surfaced that the 6S might be coming in the colour pink - or rose gold to be precise. Various Chinese sites have picked up leaked images of pink iPhones and, considering the colour has already been added to the Apple Watch range, it certainly could be legitimate.


Moving on, we all remember Bendgate don't we? The scandal that started doing the rounds on Twitter at the end of last year after multiple iPhone 6 Plus owners complained that their phablets had bent out of shape from being in their pockets.

Apple, of course, received a lot of flak for this - including from main rival Samsung - so to stop this happening again with the 6S, the company has reportedly strengthened the alloy using a higher zinc count to remove the possibility of bending.

According to YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger, the iPhone 6S shell is capable of absorbing more than double the pressure compared to the iPhone 6, as shown in the video below by using a “bend test machine.”

One rumour that has left many Apple fans slightly worried is that both the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will reportedly come with smaller batteries than their predecessors.

According to Forbes, the 6S will carry a 1,715mAh battery and the 6S Plus a 2,750mAh power pack, which compare to the 1,810mAh battery found in the iPhone 6, and the 2,910mAh engine which powered last year’s phablet.

Now, this might not necessarily mean a shortened battery life due to various efficiency tweaks but, as lastability is a key element in smartphone surveys, Apple will not want to be seen taking a backwards step in this area.

Finally, we come on to Force Touch, which registers different functions depending on how the user interacts with the screen (such as a long or short press). Apple first introduced this in its Apple Watch where the smaller screen warranted including this type of technology, but need is not so obvious on a smartphone with a much larger screen.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, Force Touch will be used to provide functionality like shotcuts and faster actions across iOS. One example given is the Phone app icon, which works normally with a normal press, but with a long press it could take the user straight to the voicemail section, thereby skipping one button press.

Stay tuned for updates as and when they are revealed and be sure to check back next week for the event itself, which we will be covering live.