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Tesla employee facing five years in prison over hack

A former Tesla employee is facing possible five, or even six years in prison, after he decided to break into his manager's email account and post confidential data online.

Nima Kalbasi, a 28-year-old Canadian shared employee evaluations with others and posted confidential data on the Web. According to a statement by the FBI, he "tried to harm Tesla's reputation and credibility by making false and misleading comments“.

If convicted, he could face five years in prison for two felony counts for computer intrusion, and one year for a count of misdemeanour computer intrusion, Reuters wrote in a report.

The information that is available online said that Kalbasi was a mechanical engineer at the firm, and that he was arrested in Vermont, Canada. He was charged in court in late August and could have five years to think about his actions.

Tesla was unavailable for comment, and Kalbasi’s lawyer declined to comment.

We could be witnessing the birth of a wicked trend, where disgruntled employees try to harm their companies by posting confidential data online. The most recent example could possibly be the Ashley Madison hack, with some evidence pointing that it might have been an inside job.

In the meantime, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk unveiled more details about the most affordable Tesla car yet.

Musk relayed that Tesla’s electric car for the masses will be formally unveiled in March of 2016, whereupon the company will begin taking pre-orders. The base price on the Model 3 car will be $35,000 (£23,000).