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These are the most popular iOS apps of all time

As Apple's September event draws ever closer, and we hold our breath in anticipation of the new iPhone, app analytics company App Annie issued a report (PDF) showing top iOS games and apps of all time, by both downloads and revenue.

Perhaps it is not too much of a surprise to see Candy Crush Saga as the most downloaded iOS game of all time, followed by Fruit Ninja on the #2 spot and Angry Birds as third.

By all-time worldwide revenue, Clash of Clans grips the number one spot firmly, followed by Candy Crush Saga and Puzzles and Dragons.

Looking at other apps, Facebook is the absolute champion: two out of the top three most downloaded apps of all times are the Facebook app and Facebook's Messenger app. The number three spot belongs to YouTube. It's also interesting to see Instagram on the number four spot, meaning Facebook has two out of three, and three out of five most downloaded apps for the iOS. Fifth spot was taken by Skype.

By worldwide revenue, Pandora Radio is the biggest app, followed by Line and Zoosk. Spotify landed on the number five spot.

According to the App Annie report, most of the top-grossing apps of all time are entertainment (music and sports) and dating apps. It's also interesting to see that Pandora Radio's position at the top was driven by the US, which contributed to practically all its revenue.

Skype was the only app to appear on both the download and revenue all-time rankings.