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WhatsApp surges on with 900 million monthly active users

After the $22 billion (£14.4bn) deal that led to Facebook’s acquisition of Whatsapp in 2014, the messaging service has just hit another milestone by reaching a whopping 900 million monthly active users.

The milestone has been reached seven months after Whatsapp reached the 700 million mark and around four months after it reached the 800 million mark.

Its founder, Jan Koum, took to Facebook to announce the update. And Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has likewise used the same platform to congratulate the WhatsApp team.
In comparison, Facebook's Messenger app, hit 700 million monthly active users in June following the app’s separation from the main Facebook app, showing that it is not too far behind. Meanwhile, Facebook's main mobile app boasts 1.49 billion monthly active users, with mobile as its biggest area of growth.

WhatsApp became only the second Android app to reach 1 billion downloads in June. A study revealed last month showed that three-fourths of WhatsApp users are on Android, with the remaining users on iOS.

The messaging service has also recently launched a free voice-calling service and WhatsApp Web for iPhone users.