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Google side-steps AdBlock Plus in Chrome browser

It seems that Google has managed to get around the popular browser extension AdBlock Plus, to the dismay of web users everywhere hoping to avoid online ads.

Users of Google Chrome may now be served ads even if AdBlock is in use, and YouTube users may have to sit through three-minute long video ads that cannot be skipped.

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Many online users install AdBlock to avoid what they consider to be intrusive advertisements that detract from the browsing experience. However, for many websites, advertising is their primary source of income, and enable them to offer content to users free-of-charge. This disconnect has led some sites to include a message to AdBlock users, asking them if they wish to make a donation to help support them financially.

In related news, Google recently told advertisers to make sure that their Flash-based ads are be eligible for automatic HTML5 conversion or they will not display correctly. Google also provides its own DoubleClick Studio software to help businesses create HTML 5 ads easily. The move away from Flash will hopefully provide faster load times and a better experience for online users.

Similarly, the search engine giant announced last week that it would be updating its regulations regarding mobile interstitial ads. Google said that any websites using the full-page adverts would no longer be considered mobile-friendly and as such, would be demoted in its search results.

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While that is sure to be a benefit to consumers, many are already taking to social media sites to vent their frustration at the way in which Google has circumvented AdBlock Plus.