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Logitech launches Harmony Hub to connect and control your smart home

In a push to provide smarter homes for the growing Internet of Things market, Logitech revealed at IFA 2015 a home hub that lets its users control anything within their house.

The Harmony Hub is a small box that connects all the smart devices around your home, even easing the process further through a complementing smartphone app.

This means that users can control their appliances and carry out actions - such as locking the doors, or turning up the heating - through their iOS or Android smartphones.


In addition, the hub also comes with the Harmony Companion, a simplified remote which gives the same functionality as the mobile app as an alternative to the smartphone.

Logitech also has more advanced remote controls including the Harmony Elite, a universal remote complete with a colour touchscreen that can be paired with up to 15 entertainment devices; and the Harmony 950, a universal remote without the smart home capabilities for those that want to use one remote to control everything.

The company has already sealed partnerships with other peripheral makers such as Nest, Philips Hue and Sonos. With a library of 270,000 devices plugged into the Harmony ecosystem, Logitech looks into providing cross platform offering.