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The state of wearables: Apple Watch vs Android Wear

The rise of wearables has led to the biggest technology companies in the world developing smartwatches and other wearable devices.

Two of the most prominent are, of course, Apple and Google, with the Apple Watch dominating headlines since its release in May and Google's Android Wear platform being used by a number of hardware vendors.

But how do the two compare? As part of its State of Wearables Report, Crittercism took a deep dive into how Apple and Google are doing in the OS-stability department.

In terms of adoption, Apple's iOS 8 reached 81 per cent by the end of April 2015, propelled by the earlier release of the Apple Watch, leaving iOS 7 behind on 17.5 per cent. For Google, Jellybean leads the way on 44.5 per cent, followed by KitKat on 39.8 per cent.

The subject of compatibility also throws up some interesting statistics, with Apple’s OS becoming compatible with more devices (including the Apple Watch) faster than Android’s OS with Android Wear.

The final area is stability, with iOS 8 showing 1.99 crashes per device, slightly better than Android 4.2 which shows 2.2 crashes per device.

The full infographic can be found below and more information can be found at the Crittercism website.

State of wearables