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The demand for IT staff in the UK grows

The IT market in the UK is in such bad shape that tech experts in the country decided to take the whole summer off, knowing they’ll have a good job waiting for them in autumn.

Those are the results of a new study called KPMG’s Report on Jobs.

The report, according to The Register, says demand to fill permanent staffer jobs in the IT market had risen to 64.4 per cent in the dog days of August, up from 62.8 per cent a month earlier.

“Meanwhile, demand from Blighty companies to hire temporary techies fell to 58.7 per cent from 59.1 per cent in July”, it adds.

"There was no respite for recruiters in August, who were left struggling to fill vacancies after a vast swathe of Britain’s jobseekers appeared to take the summer off," said KPMG partner Heath Jackson.

"Many candidates may have simply shelved their plans for the summer, believing their prospects to be stronger in September. However, this is of little comfort to those businesses needing staff now to meet demand for their goods and services."

KPMG's Report on Jobs is produced every month with Markit Economics.

This coincides with what the European Union expects from the IT market, as well. Apparently, the union will need additional 800,000 IT security experts by 2020.

“Despite rapid growth in the ICT sector, creating some 120,000 new jobs a year, Europe could face a shortage of more than 800,000 skilled ICT workers by 2020,” European Commission (EC) Digital Single Market chief Andrus Ansip recently said.