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Use a mobile app to improve your TV experience

Television has changed tremendously over the years. It used to be black and white, then colour came in. After colour entered the living rooms of the world, then a few channels became a few hundred options.

Queue cable TV and satellite TV next, and now we are able to watch TV anywhere we go. The future of television is anyone's guess, but most people are putting their money on the internet to take over the television.

You can already watch TV no matter where you are, so long as you get WiFi or mobile service. This means that a mobile app with every one of your favorite shows is going to be a staple in just a few short years.

How mobile and internet TV are changing viewing options

Cable offers numerous different shows, on hundreds of different channels, all going on at the same time. Sometimes there is nothing on that will interest you, while other times, there are so many things going on that you need to pick which things to watch, and which to miss out on.

This created the need for the DVR, and services that allow you to watch those programs other than when they air on television. Between being able to watch TV online from your recorded DVR programs, to streaming services, more and more people are picking up devices that can be carried with them for viewing, no matter where they happen to go.

Having a mobile app that allows you to watch your favorite shows during any part of your day gives you more time to squeeze in a program or catch up on a little bit of the news.

Streaming TV can follow you anywhere you want to go

When shows leave the air, most people grieve over a few lost characters and quickly move on to a new favourite show. Instead of having to dwell on finding out more about a show that went off the air, the menagerie of television options has given most people a short attention span.

Streaming TV has changed all of that. Now people are able to easily watch live streaming TV anywhere, including many of the shows that went off the air. Go back and remember why a show became your favourite, or watch from the beginning and fill in the blanks from the few episodes you missed, all from the convenience of your handy little mobile device.

The other major benefit of being able to enjoy TV no matter where you go is that you can enjoy what you want to watch without disturbing those around you. Perhaps you have a significant other who gets up earlier than you do, so they tend to go to bed before you are tired. Having a mobile app that lets you watch television anywhere you go means that you can watch TV while lying in bed with them, and not disturb their ability to get the solid sleep they need.

This convenience is something a standard television cannot offer. With all of the different options that are out there for television viewing, you are apt to find the perfect one, no matter what device you plan on watching from.

What is in the future of internet TV

Most people are guessing the future of internet TV is going to involve a lot more choices, with a lot fewer requirements. Since phones have the same internet capabilities as most computers do nowadays, you can bet that people are going to start using their mobile devices for all forms of internet TV, not just through mobile apps.

You will likely be able to watch any show you want, from nearly anywhere in the world, just by swiping the title of the show you want into your phone. While you are on the morning train, during your lunch hour, when unable to sleep at night, or any other time where you have a window of opportunity, these small devices and mobile apps that travel with you are making it more convenient than ever before to enjoy what the TV has to offer.

Watching TV has been a favourite pastime for generations now. The days of the entire family sitting around the television and watching the nature special may not be with us any longer, but the television has and will remain a staple part of many people's lives for many years to come.

If you have been trying to figure out a way to add in a bit more entertainment to your daily routine, then you may want to consider adding a mobile app to your phone that will let you take advantage of those 15 minute windows when you would otherwise have nothing else to do.