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Apple iPad Pro to run full apps side-by-side, 64GB minimum storage

Apple might have a few surprises in store tomorrow at its September event, including a preview of the iPad Pro. The new tablet is focused on business and professional users, and will reportedly have the specs to match.

The iPad Pro will feature a “monster screen” according to 9to5mac, capable of showing two apps side-by-side in portrait. The 12.9-inch display will be higher than 1080p to match the resolution of the iPad Air.

Internally, the iPad Pro will run on a new A9X chip, offering much better performance compared to the A8X chip inside the iPad Air 2 and Mini 3. A larger battery should compensate the increased performance and resolution.

Apple will also kickstart sales with a 64GB option, alongside a 128GB and potential 256GB option for a higher price. That is quite the step up from the 16GB starting option available on the iPad Mini and Air. LTE capabilities will also be available.

For the first time, Apple will add a Bluetooth keyboard as an accessory for the iPad Pro. Smart cases, keyboards and a stylus will be available as extra accessories. Surprisingly, Apple decided against adding a stylus to the iPad Pro base package.

The iPad Pro is likely to ship with the three primary colours: Space Grey, Silver and Gold. It will cost between £899 and £1299, depending on the version. Accessories could push that number above the MacBook Pro prices.

Apple will most likely preview the iPad Pro, but sales will not start until late November.