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Apple teases users with test iOS 9 update messages

With the latest beta build of iOS 9 being released a month ago, it would seem that the new version of the mobile operating system is nearly ready for prime time. In fact, many of us in the Apple Seed program were lead to believe that iOS 9 is actually available.

A message popped up on devices running the latest iOS 9 beta, advising users to update their handsets. I saw it last night, and went straight to the settings menu to check for updates, only to find out that my iPhone 6 Plus is up to date.

It would seem that Apple has pushed those alerts either by mistake, which does not seem all that likely, or to test the system ahead of the impending release of iOS 9 Gold Master. Apple will hold an event this Wednesday, 9 September, where it will unveil the new iPhones and, with them iOS 9, so the latter makes more sense.

Given the lack of more-recent iOS 9 betas, iOS 9 Gold Master could see the light of day as early as Wednesday. I have been running the public beta 3 of iOS 9 since its release, and there are few issues to report; a newer beta build, at this stage, seems unlikely to be released.

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