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Ebay releases the fourth version of its mobile app

eBay has announced today that it's releasing a new version of its mobile app. The app, built for both iOS and Android, brings eBay mobile up to version 4.0.

The app's goal is, and you're never going to guess this, to make buying and selling things easier.

"This is the first step on mobile," Cnet quotes David Beach, eBay's director of product management in mobile, saying. "We needed a clean slate to build upon to build new user experiences...and this framework allows us to do that."

The new eBay 4.0 app, available starting Tuesday, will include three main tabs: activity, shop and sell.

The activity tab will include a summary of a user's recent actions on the site, such as searches, selling activity and recently viewed products. Shop makes it easier to browse by categories, and is somewhat similar to the eBay's desktop home screen. "We've never done this thing in mobile," Beach said.

The "sell” tab provides more tools for users to track their online sales, and allows users to integrate eBay Valet for the first time. For those unfamiliar with what Valet is, it is a feature which allows sellers to ship their items to more experienced sellers to photograph and list for them.

According to the Cnet report, this has become an important new service for the company as it works to get back amateur sellers.

eBay Valet, along with eBay Fashion and eBay Motors, all had standalone apps that were shut down in July to focus consumers' attention on the main app.