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Adblock Browser now available on Android and iOS

After some time in the beta stage, Adblock web browser for iOS and Android is as of today officially available in version 1.0.

“Adblock Browser for Android was in an open beta for a while now, and thanks to the amazing feedback we received there, we were able to evolve it into something we’re proud to release,” it says in the official news post following the release.

“On iOS, we took a different route: We went with a closed, invite-only beta and usability testing. We’re definitely happy with what we’ve built here, but still quite eager to get more user feedback now. So please try it, and tell us what you think!”

Adblock Browser will enable users to surf the web without having to look at various ads, and it is compatible with Android 2.3 and newer devices. The installation will require 24MB of storage, 384MB of RAM and a display of at least 320x240 pixels.

On the other hand, if you want to use the Adblock Browser on the iOS, you’ll need an iDevice wih iOS 8 or newer.

The Android version of the browser can be found on this link, and the iOS version on this link.

The AdBlock Browser claims to only remove intrusive ads by default, but according to a report by, it removes pretty much everything.

“Banner ads, pre-roll videos, overlays and ad-sponsored "related" stories were all removed from the sites we visited,” it says in the report.

Google previously barred an Adblock Plus app from the Google Play store because the service "interfered with or accessed another service or product in an unauthorised manner". This app, however, is listed on the Google Play Store.