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Apple planning to launch iPads today, no October event

Apple’s usual course of action is a summer developer event, followed by a September iPhone event and ending with a October iPad event. This year, the Apple Watch event was added in spring, with the 12-inch MacBook launch.

To compensate for the extra event in the spring, Apple might be planning to launch all new products at its Secret event today at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, including the new iPads.

That would be a lot to fill into an event. Apple plans to announce the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and potentially the iPhone 6C as the main headliners. A revamped Apple TV with a focus on video gaming will also be present. iOS 9 will be officially launched with some new Siri features, OS X El Capitan should also receive a launch date.

Follow that up with demos of Apple’s TV streaming service and the iPad Air, Mini and Pro, it is a huge amount to cram into one event. That said, Apple might be diligent and remove the iPhone 6C and Air, Mini launches to press releases later this week.

It still leaves revamped MacBooks and the 21.5-inch 4K iMac is the dark, but again both of these can be announced via press release. The spring event might also host these announcements, alongside any new changes to the Apple Watch.

The iPad Pro is not expected to go on sale until November, and will not ship until the last week of November. Apple might be willing to lose that freshness with its unveilings for one less event on the calendar.

Apple’s event will kick off at 6PM (GMT) today. If you have a Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple TV, you can watch it on Safari. Windows 10 users will also be able to watch the livestream on Microsoft Edge, the new browser.