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LG Nexus 5 to feature a protruding camera lens?

It should only be a matter of weeks before we have official news about the new Nexus 5, but as we draw closer to the launch, leaked images continue to stream in.

Just a few days ago we were treated to the best image yet of the upcoming LG handset, and now we have a new photo that gives a slightly different view.

A new leaked image depicts the new Nexus 5 (or Nexus 5X, perhaps) from a side angle, giving a clear view of the protruding camera lens that graces the rear. The photo also shows the repositioned power and volume buttons, but it is the camera nipple that will probably cause the most interest.

As with the previous leak, this new image comes courtesy of AndroidPIT. While the earlier photo made it apparent that the camera lens of the protruding variety, it was not clear just how much it stuck out. With a photo taken from a slightly different angle we can see that the lens add quite a bulge to the Nexus 5. That said, the handset does appear to be rather thinner than the current Nexus 5.

We had already seen that the phone had a fingerprint scanner on the rear of the case, and the side-angle photo shows that the power button has been moved down the side of the phone so that it lines up with the biometric reader. The volume rocker has also been moved, so it is now to be found virtually in the center of the right hand side of the phone.

The photo doesn’t give away much more, but AndroidPIT's source says something that suggests that the new Nexus 5 could be a fairly cheap handset.

While many phone manufacturers are opting for a higher quality feel by adopting all-metal designs, here we are told that the Nexus 5 will "probably not" have metal edging.

Photo credit: AndroidPIT