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New iPhone's Siri will be "always on"

Apple is set to unveil the next iPhone at an event later today, and we're pretty certain it will be a pink, force touch-enabled, #bendgate-free iPhone 6S.

However, 9To5Mac has given us new information regarding the upcoming phone this morning, and this one might get mixed feedback.

According to a report by the blog, the next iPhone will have an "always-on” Siri. That’s right, Apple’s digital assistant will be always on, always listening to what you’re saying, just waiting for you to say “Hey Siri” so she can jump right in.

From Apple’s perspective, this is a major step forward, as the feature was available on older phones, but forced the device to be plugged into a power source to work. This is no longer the case.

It seems as the digital assistant battle is heating up quite nicely. Besides the new and improved Siri which will, judging by Apple’s event flyer, get a lot of attention, Microsoft’s Cortana is also doing great. She even made it to Mac computers before Siri did.

At the same time, Facebook’s Messenger app is also getting ready to join in on the action with its own personal assistant. The assistant, named M, will be able to take messages and serve up relevant results in real-time.

M will be able to offer up search results, including purchases inside of Facebook. It also plans to be there after a conversation with a friend to offer the right information at the right time.

Facebook M is available today on the Messenger mobile platform.